BRIDGESTONE 45th Komarom-Komarno International Street Run

28th April 2019

Organizer:                 Komarom – Europe Running Association (KEFE)

Sponsors:                   Béla Keszegh, Mayor of Komarno (North-Komarom)

Doctor Attila Molnár, Mayor of Komarom (South-Komarom)                            

Purpose of the competition:

  • to give a chance to compete for professionals and recreational runners
  • to popularize running
  • to strengthen the fellowship of runners
  • to make Komarom – Komarno cities more popular
  • to help to create a healthy lifetsyle

Type of competition:

Open race with distances of 10 km and 5,5 km

In junior category 5,5 km Gyula Herczeg memorial race for girls and Daniel Korec memorial race for boys.


Directors:                                           Edit Sárosdi and BeátaSebő

Leaders of the organizers:                 Eleonóra Ágh and Beáta Dobay

President of Judges:                          György Horváth and Sándor Mikolasek

Date: 28th April 2019 (Sunday)       

Center of the Race: North-Komarom, City Sports Hall (Slovakia)

Lanes:                         Streets of Komarno-Komarom, two countries, one city

Start:                           City Sports Hall Komarno, Slovakia 

Goal:                          Jókai Park Komarom, Hungary


Registartion period: 1st December 2018 – 22nd April 2019

At registration please give your name, date of birth, category, name of association or school, size of T-shirt, number of school ID (if you are a student).

Registartion fee should be paid by bank transfer until 25th April 2019.

Registration on the spot:

  • At the Center of the Race  on 27th April 2019 from 12.00 to 15.00 with paying the registartion fee.

(please note that in case of registration on the spot the T-shirt is not included to the run-packet)

  • school registartion: until 22nd April 2019 (Wednesday)

Takeover the race numbers is in the Center of the Race on 27th April from 12.00 to 15.00 or on the day of the run until 10.00.

Registration fee:                  

Pre- registration:        10 km –  3500 HUF or 12 Euro

                                   5,5 km – 2500 HUF or 8,5 Euro

School registration for students: 1500 HUF or 5 Euro, for adults 2000 HUF or 7 Euro.

                                   Family registration – 2000 HUF/ person or 7 Euro/person

On spot registration:   10 km –  5000 HUF  or 17 Euro

                                   5,5 km – 4000 HUF or 13,5 Euro

                                   Family – no registration on spot!!!!!!!!

Registration fee includes:

  • participation on the run
  • race number
  • T – shirt with logo (only with pre-registration)
  •  medal
  • secure lanes
  • net time measure with chip on the distances of 10 km, 5,5 km and on the family run
  • refreshments
  • medical services
  • other programs related with the race

Categories and lane data:

5,5k m

Family category.:                 1014 year old children (year of birth:2005-2009) and                                                        parents/grandparents, maximum 3 persons

Junior category boy-girl:     15-16 years old (year of birth: 2003 – 2004)

                                               17-19 years old (year of birth:2000 – 2002)

Adults women, men:            20 – 29 years old (year of birth:1999 – 1990)

30 – 39 years old (year of birth:1989 – 1980)

40 – 49 years old (year of birth:1979 – 1970)

50 – 59 years old (year of birth:1969 – 1960)

over 60 years old (year of birth: 1959 and before)

University students:              day course or correspondence course; student ID required

Time limit:   40 minutes (net time, adjusted to the start time of the last starter)

10 k m

women, men:                        year of birth: 2001 and before

Time limit: 1 hour 20 minutes (net time, adjusted to the start time of the last starter)

Runners will be followed by a bus with speed of 8min/km. The runner caught up by the bus is obliged to get on the bus and he/she cannot enter to the goal area. The race number will be taken on the bus.

Start time:

5,5 km                        at 10.15          

10 km                         at 10.30          

Warm up: at9.50 next the to Start with Doctor Peter Židek, teacher of the Department of  Physical Education and Sports at Janos Selye University.


  • T-shirt with logo of the Street Run, for pre-registrants who paid the fee of the race
  • 300, 200, 100 Euro for the first three entries of men and women of 10000 m race
  • Cup for the first three entries of men and women runners of 5500 m
  • GYULA HERCZEG challenge – cup for the best woman junior runner
  • DANIEL KOREC DANIEL challenge – cup for the best man junior runner
  • Cup for the first three entries of men and women university students
  • 100€ special award for the first man and woman who crosses the 10km line first, if they finish the race among the first 10 entries
  • 300€ special award of the mayor of the city for the school of North Komarom racing with the most students
  • 100.000 HUF special award of the mayor of the city for the school of South Komarom racing with the most students


  • With further questions and information turn to Edit Sárosdi; or Eleonóra Ágh, email.
  • Valid passport or ID card required for all runners and attenders
  • Appraisable category includes minimum 5 persons
  • The runners can race only with the race numbers issued by the organizers
  • Entries without race numbers are not appraisable
  • Clear view of the race numbers on the chest required during the all run
  • In family category all members required to pay the registration fee and all members of the team has to enter the goal at the same time
  • One runner can register only in one category
  • The winner school of the special award of the mayor of South Komarom can spend the money award for purchasing sport equipments 
  • The runners’ personal clothes and things will be delivered to the goal with a vehicle starts at 930  At the goal changing rooms and showers are available.
  • For runners and attenders refreshment rooms are available at the center of the race (North –Komarom) and also at the goal (South –Komarom)
  • Organizers do not take responsibility for the lost clothes, equipments, valuables
  • Please save the cleanness of the area of the race
  • Runners can race on their own responsibility
  • One lane of the Erzsébet- Bridge combining the two countries will be closed from 930 to1130 
  • During the run it is not recommended for the runners to use any equipments, music players plugged in both ears which can dampen the noise of the traffic or the outside world.